10 Utterly Brilliant Novels That Have One Fatal Flaw

There’s no such thing as a perfect book — but some books feel as though they could be just about perfect, if they didn’t have one nagging problem. And sometimes, the most wonderful books have the most glaring shortfalls. Here are 10 amazing novels that are each marred by a fatal flaw. » 5/07/15 6:47pm 5/07/15 6:47pm

Under The Dome Has A Villain Problem

Stephen King's mammoth 2009 novel Under the Dome features two killer antagonists. One is, well, the dome itself; the other is "Big Jim" Rennie, a bully of a local politician who seizes the dome's sudden appearance as a chance to affirm his fiefdom. Too bad only the inanimate bad guy made the transition to the… » 6/30/14 3:01pm 6/30/14 3:01pm