All The Other GMs Hate The Washington Nationals

Even though major-league general managers are grown men with facial hair, ugly shirts, and mistresses, we've always imagined them secretly behaving like a handful of high-school cliques. Anytime one commits a faux-pas—Chuck LaMar, late of the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays, used to be the master of the outrageous trade demand »10/11/12 10:45am10/11/12 10:45am

The Doctor Who Performed Stephen Strasburg's Tommy John Surgery Wasn't Asked About The Nats' Shutdown Plans [UPDATE]

The Nationals shut down Stephen Strasburg for the season on Saturday, and in doing so they, by their own account, deferred to lots of nameless medical experts—"the doctors"—who are definitely not just Scott Boras and his junior partners in lab coats. Nope, no sir. »9/13/12 3:05pm9/13/12 3:05pm

How The Nationals And Baseball's New Conventional Wisdom Ended Stephen Strasburg's Season Too Soon

On Friday night, Stephen Strasburg made his last appearance of the season. The shutdown has come. The Nationals will not use him down the stretch, and they will not use him in the playoffs. The best pitcher on the league's best team will not sniff a moment of the team's most important games. »9/10/12 9:30am9/10/12 9:30am

The Washington Nationals Are Shutting Down Stephen Strasburg A Little Earlier Than Expected

They are flipping the switch as we speak. Strasburg is 15-6 with a 3.14 ERA, and will finish with those numbers. Strasburg was hit pretty solidly by the Marlins last night (the Nationals lost 9-7 in 10 innings), and today, manager Davey Johnson told the media it would be Strasburg's final start of the season. »9/08/12 1:05pm9/08/12 1:05pm

Umpire Greg Gibson Took A Stephen Strasburg Fastball To The Crotch

Ump Greg Gibson, behind the plate for today's Nats-Marlins matchup, was in a Very Bad Place today when Wilson Ramos mishandled a Stephen Strasburg fastball and deflected it right into Gibson's groin area. Gibson bounced back rather quickly—most MLB umps wear cups when working the plate, after all—but that doesn't… »4/21/12 1:53pm4/21/12 1:53pm

Well-Meaning Nats Fan Breaks Out The "HE'S BACK KKK" Jersey For Stephen Strasburg's Return

I get it. We're all very excited about Strasburg's return from Tommy John surgery, and he did what he could by making one of them a backwards K. But, he couldn't have added an extra K? Or eliminated the space between them and "back?" Or, even better, not had the jersey made in the first place? [DC Sports Bog] »9/08/11 10:45am9/08/11 10:45am

Rob Dibble Now Wants To Swaddle Stephen Strasburg In Warm Soft Blankets

A year ago at this time Rob Dibble was in the news for his contrarian opinions on Stephen Strasburg. Rob Dibble's in the news again for his contrarian opinions on Stephen Strasburg. Except this time it's the exact opposite contrarian opinion. What we're saying is, it's a good thing Strasburg's career choices is being… »8/04/11 11:30am8/04/11 11:30am