Frank Isola Has An Adorable Story About A Young Stephon Marbury

New York Daily News reporter Frank Isola has known Stephon Marbury for a long time, even before the Coney Island-raised Marbury played for the Knicks. During a break on Thursday’s taping of Around The Horn, Isola told Jackie MacMullan of the time he helped out a 13-year-old Marbury, who was hanging around the locker… »10/16/15 1:12pm10/16/15 1:12pm


Stephon Marbury Refuses To Do Interviews Unless He Gets The Cover Of Sports Illustrated

There are tons of lovable little nuggets in this piece on Marbury and how the mercurial outcast has somehow become the most beloved foreign player in Chinese basketball history. But our absolute favorite—that he turned down multiple interview requests unless he would be SI's cover boy—is vintage Marbury:… »3/22/12 10:55am3/22/12 10:55am

Slam Cover Goes Retro, With Rubio and Love As Marbury And Garnett

Slam's Farmer Jones has a lovely story on what it took for Kevin Love to earn this honor—a year-old promise that if he could average 20 and 15, the cover was his. Love somehow did it, but these days you can't do a T-Wolf without including Ricky Rubio. So the two recreated a famous 1997 cover, featuring Minnesota's… »3/07/12 7:15pm3/07/12 7:15pm

J.R. Smith Shattered Three Pairs Of Ankles (Including Stephon Marbury's) In A Single CBA Game

Here is video evidence that J.R. Smith's extended stay in China has, statistically speaking, involved more broken ankles than brawls spearheaded by his sister. Heart of Beijing has dutifully compiled video of three incidents: The first you see here actually caused an injury, and the final step-back took out Stephon… »1/19/12 10:30am1/19/12 10:30am

Stephon Marbury Has An Opinion About Michael Jordan And The Lockout That Makes Perfect Sense

Michael Jordan has taken a lot of grief since he emerged, in a twist that should surprise nobody, as the leader of a group of hard-ass NBA owners knifing away at the revenue pie. Now he's taking grief from whatever fun-house PC bang Stephon Marbury has decamped to these days. I'll leave the parsing of this tweet to… »11/07/11 9:50pm11/07/11 9:50pm

Stephon Marbury Plans To Take Over China And Then Build His Own City In South Carolina

Wells Tower went to Taiyuan, capital of China's Shanxi Province, to see our friend Stephon Marbury, and he wrote about it for GQ. Marbury was then playing for the Shanxi Brave Dragons and plotting world domination (or at least, domination of China's inexpensive shoe market) with his Starbury brand. He was also getting… »4/19/11 4:10pm4/19/11 4:10pm