The Wizards Moved Broadcasters Off The Floor To Sell An Extra $1 Million Worth Of Seats

We noted over the weekend that the Wizards' broadcasters, both home and away, TV and radio, are no longer anywhere near the court. Gone from the scorer's table, where crews at virtually every other arena call the game from proximity, the TV crews now sit at the very tippy top of section 110. (They would be higher,… »3/08/13 12:30pm3/08/13 12:30pm


Steve Buckhantz Couldn't Tell Whether That Game-Ending Shot Went In Because The Owners Moved Him To The Cheap Seats

We all had a good laugh when Washington Wizards play-by-play man Steve Buckhantz dusted off his patented "dagger!" call despite Trevor Ariza's (very nice looking) airball to end the Wizards' game on Wednesday night. The misplaced enthusiasm was funny but, as we noted at the time, you couldn't really blame… »3/02/13 11:30am3/02/13 11:30am

"The Dagger Has Been Retracted": Wizards Play-By-Play Man Calls Game-Winner That Wasn't

You can't really blame Steve Buckhantz for this one. From his seat (and from the first angle) it really did look like Trevor Ariza sealed an incredible Wizards comeback against the Pistons and a "Dagger!" was absolutely warranted. Unfortunately, after the first view of the shot there is the second view and it shows… »2/27/13 10:03pm2/27/13 10:03pm