How Old Are These Sports People, According To This Rude App?

The internet distraction of the day is How-Old, an app that determines a person’s age through some secret calculations that aren’t quite clear. It’s fun for a laugh. The site can be surprisingly accurate or very wrong, and frankly, rude as hell. We plugged in a few faces from the sports world and see what How-Old spit… »4/30/15 3:42pm4/30/15 3:42pm


Steve Francis Is Being Sued For $9,000 In Missed Payments On A 1964 Ford Thunderbird

We haven't heard from Steve Francis in a while. Last we checked in, he was being welcomed like a king in China—then left his team after playing less than 14 minutes. Seems he's living back in Houston (in a pretty nice house, so don't worry about Stevie), and buying classic cars, and, allegedly, not paying for them. »10/25/12 4:00pm10/25/12 4:00pm