We're Really Going To Miss Mike Woodson Getting Pissed Off At The Knicks

The Knicks are done being bad for this season, so it's almost time to introduce a new coach. You know it, I know it, Carmelo Anthony knows it, Phil Jackson knows it, and Mike Woodson knows it. Steve Kerr knows it too, it seems: According to a report in the Post, Kerr "absolutely expects" to be offered the Knicks job,… » 4/18/14 6:04pm 4/18/14 6:04pm

Before Steve Kerr Sends 19-Year-Old Players Back To College, He Should…

Former NBA star Steve Kerr penned a lengthy, multi-sectioned argument in Grantland this week in which he not only defends the NBA's current ban on players under age 19 but pushes for the minimum age to be raised to 20. Forcing young people to spend more time as scholar-athletes, according to Kerr, would provide the… » 5/09/12 6:25pm 5/09/12 6:25pm

Steve Kerr Unloads On NBA Owners, Calls Dan Gilbert A Baby

After three seasons as the personnel guy in Phoenix, Steve Kerr returned to TV because he wasn't very good at GMing. But he has opinions about the league blocking a Chris Paul-to-Lakers deal. They are refreshingly angry and candid and probably assure that Kerr will be staying on the media side for a while. » 12/12/11 5:10pm 12/12/11 5:10pm

Here's The Taj Gibson Dunk That Inspired Reggie Miller To Quote Martin…

The Bulls beat the Heat by 21 points at home in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals this evening. Taj Gibson, who finished with nine points and seven boards off the bench for Chicago, had the two best dunks of the game. The first left Reggie Miller speechless, and presumably on top of Steve Kerr, and the second… » 5/15/11 11:25pm 5/15/11 11:25pm