Steve Lyons Would Like To See Your Breasts, Please

Here's an odd little story, featuring current Dodgers broadcaster Steve Lyons and a big-bosomed lady named Stacey Roy. From a court document filed on March 9, Stephen J. Lyons v. Fire Insurance, suggests that this is just a messy little money squabble between an ex-athlete and his homeowners insurance company. But… » 4/03/08 7:40pm 4/03/08 7:40pm

The Enlightened Worldview Of Ray Dunlap

Will briefly mentioned yesterday in the apology post that a NASCAR broadcaster made some disparaging comments about Hispanic NASCAR fans, but none of the AP reports knew exactly what he said. I did a little googling, and found a couple of people who heard ol' Ray. » 10/21/06 1:57pm 10/21/06 1:57pm

And from commentor Carrie here at : It's as if…

Today In Broadcasting History

So what now for Lamar Thomas? It's ironic that the only real loser in the big UofM-FIU battle on Saturday was the guy sitting in the announcer's booth — albeit a guy who wanted to get down there and mix it up, or so he said. Thomas, as you know, was cast adrift by Comcast Southeast Sports on Monday for his, um,… » 10/18/06 4:15pm 10/18/06 4:15pm

Trying To Make Sense Of Anything Involving Steve Lyons

MJD covered this over the weekend, but we really feel like we had to weigh in: We have absolutely no idea what was racist about what Steve Lyons was fired for saying during Friday's A's-Tigers broadcast. » 10/16/06 3:45pm 10/16/06 3:45pm

He Definitely Won't Have To Sit Next To Lou Piniella Anymore

Fox baseball analyst Steve Lyons was fired last night, and with an assist from Richard Sandomir in the New York Times, here's what got him axed: » 10/14/06 6:09pm 10/14/06 6:09pm

The Most Loathsome Talking Head of Them All

An enterprising young Atlanta Braves blogger, truly a guy after our own hearts, had become exhausted with screaming at his television set every time he turned on ESPN. As a way to rage against the machine, he set up The Road From Bristol, a 64-person bracket meant to resolve, once and for all, who the most loathsome… » 9/09/05 11:53am 9/09/05 11:53am