If Your Super Bowl Party Doesn't Have A Grid Pool, You're Just Getting Fatter And Watching Commercials

The first time I heard a grid pool described, my father was coming home with a pocketful of bills he'd just won down at his favorite watering hole. Essentially you make a 10-by-10 grid, strip numbers vertically and horizontally, buy a square, and if the last digit of the score matches your square, you win the money. »2/02/13 5:15pm2/02/13 5:15pm


Why Yes, Jaguars Fans Tailgated With A Skeleton In A Bloody And Torn Steve McNair Jersey

"The picture, which arrives via email from a reputable source, included these details: "A very close friend who lives in Jacksonville that is a big Jaguars fan took the photo Sunday before the game. He asked me who [No. 9] belonged to. When I replied he apologized for the classless Jag fans.'" Then again, they're not… »9/14/11 1:35pm9/14/11 1:35pm