Anonymous Saint Says Steve Spagnuolo "Treats People Like Crap," Should Be Fired

I'm really glad that whole "no more nasty, anonymous quotes" movement didn't take off, because come on, they're so much fun. Two days after one one of the NFL's worst defenses in history finishes its season, we have an unnamed Saints player going to town on defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. »1/02/13 10:15am1/02/13 10:15am

The NFL Suspended Some Of The Saints Defense For 2012, But, On The Bright Side, They Weren't Good Anyway

The word came down not so long ago from Roger Goodell's mountaintop: Saints middle linebacker Jonathan Vilma will sit out the whole season, and end Will Smith misses four games. Ex-Saint tackle Anthony Hargrove, now with the Packers, gets eight games, and Scott Fujita, now on the Browns, gets three. According to the … »5/02/12 1:55pm5/02/12 1:55pm