Welcome To The Gradual Unfucking Of College Football

Every year, right around this time, I cobble together a Hater's Guide to the Top 25 teams in college football. And it contains pretty much everything you would expect in any boilerplate piece of college football trolling: Notre Dame is full of haughty dipshits; Alabama fans are crazy redneck mutants; Florida State… » 8/28/14 2:38pm 8/28/14 2:38pm

South Carolina Gamecocks Self-Report Rule-Breaking Cookie Cakes To NCAA

The latest example of unnecessary self-flagellation for the NCAA's satisfaction comes from South Carolina. The Gamecocks reported 22 minor violations of NCAA rules, and the dumbest by far involves the football team and cookie cakes. » 8/03/14 2:49pm 8/03/14 2:49pm

Steve Spurrier Remorseful After 52-7 Win Over Arkansas

» 10/12/13 4:11pm 10/12/13 4:11pm

Jadeveon Clowney Shouldn't Play Until He Gets Paid

South Carolina's all-world DE Jadeveon Clowney didn't play this weekend with a muscle strain, or maybe bruised ribs, and also some bone spurs in his foot. He's not been particularly clear on the ailment, or the state of his recovery, and the Gamecocks were surprised and confused that Clowney himself made the call to… » 10/08/13 2:09pm 10/08/13 2:09pm

South Carolina Spiked A TV Program Featuring A Slurring Steve Spurrier

Like most Division I head football coaches, Steve Spurrier is contractually obligated to appear on an eponymous television program every week following one of his team's games. This week's program—a recap of the Gamecocks' narrow win over UCF in Orlando Saturday—is very quickly being erased from existence. We want to… » 10/02/13 10:18am 10/02/13 10:18am

Ron Morris Again Allowed To Cover Steve Spurrier And South Carolina

A day after Jim Romenesko reported that Steve Spurrier had bullied The State into banning Ron Morris, a columnist often critical of Spurrier and the Gamecocks program, from writing about South Carolina football, the newspaper has backed off its stance. » 9/12/13 7:33pm 9/12/13 7:33pm

Reporter Who Was Critical Of Steve Spurrier Replaced By Spurrier's Pal

So here's some bullshit: According to a report by Jim Romenesko, South Carolina Gamecocks head football coach Steve Spurrier has the power to bully a newspaper into silencing any reporter that he doesn't like. » 9/11/13 6:59pm 9/11/13 6:59pm

Football Must Be Here: Shirtless Steve Spurrier Is Making The Rounds

We're not positive when this photo was taken, but so what? Photos of Steve Spurrier shirtless (and barefoot!) and again giving zero fucks are bouncing around the internet. Which can only mean one thing: Football season is at last upon us. » 8/09/13 11:25am 8/09/13 11:25am

I Can't Stop Looking At Steve Spurrier In A Fast-Food Restaurant

I'm not sure what part of this photo of Steve Spurrier in a fast-food restaurant I like the most. That suit with the undone tie that makes him look like he just slept in his car? The sunglasses indoors? That thumbs-up and facial expression of utter satisfaction as he reaches into the condiment station? The guy in the… » 7/19/13 8:47am 7/19/13 8:47am

Winter's Almost Over: Steve Spurrier Is Shirtless Again

Forget Punxsutawney Phil and shadows: The surest indication that spring is just around the corner is Steve Spurrier parading around Columbia without a shirt. Right on time, there's the Old Ball Coach providing us with his annual reminder yesterday at South Carolina's spring practice. Feeling warmer already, aren't you? » 3/06/13 2:15pm 3/06/13 2:15pm

Steve Spurrier Gave Reporters Envelopes Full Of Cash Today, For Some…

Old weirdo and known media manipulator Steve Spurrier had an improptu chat with reporters at halftime of the Arkansas-South Carolina basketball game today, and did one somewhat odd thing, followed by one extremely odd thing: He asked the reporters a college football trivia question—a self-serving one, naturally, or it… » 1/26/13 5:45pm 1/26/13 5:45pm

Steve Spurrier Wants A Columnist Fired And Will Probably Get His Way

Ron Morris, a columnist for The State newspaper in South Carolina, has publicly disagreed with Steve Spurrier before and been publicly rebuked before. Saturday Down South has a good recap of the situation; it's worth watching the video at that link if you want to see Steve Spurrier be both incredibly folksy and a… » 9/29/12 4:20pm 9/29/12 4:20pm

Florida Mom Wants To Change The Name Of Her Child, Spurrier Urban Wiley

I want to reveal to you a big secret, that college football would rather not have you know: sometimes coaches don't stay with a single team forever, and sometimes they even take other jobs. Scandalous. » 12/07/11 1:25pm 12/07/11 1:25pm

Steve Spurrier Kicks Reporter Out Of Press Conference, Announces…

At the start of his weekly press conference today—and just about an hour before announcing that former starting QB Stephen Garcia had been dismissed from the team—South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier made an announcement to the gathered reporters. He would not, he explained, go through with the usual dog and… » 10/11/11 3:20pm 10/11/11 3:20pm

Helmetless South Carolina Football Player Crashes Moped While Trying To…

College football players seem to be having a tough time navigating mopeds and scooters. Last year, there was the Kentucky running back who broke his arm during an accident, followed by the Iowa lineman whose frightening crash into a truck was captured on video. Then came Georgia, where coach Mark Richt made it clear… » 8/30/11 4:45pm 8/30/11 4:45pm

How Low Can Joe Paterno Go? What Coaches Do When They Hang Out

Former Texas A&M Coach R.C. Slocum seems like a stand-up guy. That's why we think he won't mind us highlighting some of his favorite photos through the years, as posted on his Facebook page. » 12/15/10 2:15pm 12/15/10 2:15pm