Saturday Night Live's Cold Open Spoofed The Super Bowl Blackout

It's been a week since the Super Bowl, but Saturday Night Live is a weekly show, unfortunately airing the night before Super Bowl Sunday, so they just got around to pointing out the uselessness of studio shows. Keenan Thompson as James Brown guides the skit and has some fun when, at his wit's end, he resorts to… » 2/10/13 9:15am 2/10/13 9:15am

Steve Tasker's Telestrator Dong Can Only Mean The NFL Season Is Almost…

Sure, there are numerous telltale signs that the NFL season is fast approaching, but it's not until you see that first true Telestrator Dong that it all starts to really sink in. » 8/30/12 9:45pm 8/30/12 9:45pm