New ESPN Ombud Finds Breezy Forgetfulness Over Broussard Fracas

Robert Lipsyte's first column as ESPN's ombudsman dissected the squirmworthy Chris Broussard-LZ Granderson showdown when Jason Collins came out. It's just as ombudsy as you like it, 3,300 words of media-ethics spinach. Lipsyte swings his prose like a lead pipe when he sees a deserving target; his reserved tone hereā€¦ »6/29/13 9:08pm6/29/13 9:08pm


Sage Steele Did Not Appreciate Steve Weissman Suggesting She Flirted With Wes Welker

As first noted over at Awful Announcing, things got a bit awkward yesterday at the tail end of the 3 p.m. SportsCenter on ESPNNEWS when Steve Weissman joked that there was flirting between fellow anchor Sage Steele and Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker, who was doing the Bristol media tour Tuesday. »4/25/12 1:15pm4/25/12 1:15pm