Tiger Woods' Former Caddy Says Working For Him Was Like Being His "Slave"

Steve Williams served as Tiger Woods’ caddy from 1999 to 2011, during which Woods dominated the PGA Tour, won 13 of his 14 Majors, and earned over $88 million. Williams recently wrote a book called “Out Of The Rough” about his time with Tiger, and he was very critical of Woods, of whom he once said he wanted to “shove… »11/01/15 4:30pm11/01/15 4:30pm


Steve Williams Wants To Shove Something Up The "Black Arsehole" of Tiger Woods

While attending a "caddie of the year" event in Shanghai, where he won "Celebration of the year" thanks to his ridiculous behavior following Adam Scott's win at the Bridgestone Invitational—including claiming the victory was the greatest of his career—Steve Williams was asked why he made such an absurd statement and… »11/05/11 10:30am11/05/11 10:30am