Steve Young Compares Peyton Manning To Obama, Or Something

I think Steve Young is trying to say that for Denver to beat Cincinnati tonight Peyton Manning needs to play well—which, duh—but did he need to use some garbled metaphor about Manning, Obama, and dictatorship to do it? Or is he trying to sneak some political commentary about Obama—go search Twitter for "Obama" and… »12/22/14 8:41pm12/22/14 8:41pm


We're Pretty Sure Steve Young Did Not Say The Texans Had "The Biggest Dick In The League" Last Night

We've received a number of emails about this, and at least one other site has now reported it, no doubt because it has all the trappings of an epic malapropism by one of ESPN's on-air personalities. "Where is that dramatic fight from a team that thinks they have the biggest dick in the league?" Steve Young seems to… »12/11/12 1:20pm12/11/12 1:20pm

The USFL Is Making A Comeback, Will Be Nothing Like The Old USFL

The United States Football League is apparently being reborn next March, with teams in eight cities playing a 14-game schedule through June 2013. Not everything is cemented yet, including which cities will actually get franchises, but the effort has attracted some noteworthy investors and advisors, including Hall of… »5/11/12 12:45pm5/11/12 12:45pm

Lawrence Phillips Hits Bottom, Is Sure He Can Go Lower

And so in the end, Lawrence Phillips leaves us the way we always knew he would: receiving up to 20 years in prison for running into three kids with his car after a pickup football game. The former Cornhuskers /Rams /Dolphins /49ers /Bobcats /Alouettes /Stampeders /Dragons running back was convicted in Los Angeles on… »10/11/06 11:30am10/11/06 11:30am