Meet The Most Lovable Team In The FA Cup

From now until the end of the season, we'll be posting a number of clips from the previous weekend's English Premier League/FA Cup games. If there's a goal, save, dive, lip-read profanity, or hocked sputum we should know about, drop us a line at (You might also enjoy our better-late-than-never FA… » 2/23/12 10:43am 2/23/12 10:43am

Soccer Team's Fan Slugs Soccer Team's Player After Soccer Team's Win

In America, athletes punch fans. In England, it's the opposite. After Stevenage's 3-1 FA Cup victory over Newcastle on Saturday, a man reportedly clad in a Stevenage scarf superman-punched Scott Laird, a Stevenage defender. This is not how you incentivize the team. » 1/09/11 11:25am 1/09/11 11:25am