Stevie Johnson Drafted A Really Great Fantasy You Team

When you get down to it, it is kind of strange that we get together and pretend to collect teams of employees, and award them imaginary points for things they do at their jobs, just because they work in football. So 49ers WR Stevie Johnson decided to put together his own "fantasy work team," and I think we're all on… »9/25/14 9:38am9/25/14 9:38am


Stevie Johnson Learned The Hard Way That Celebrating A Touchdown With Fans Can Be Dangerous

Stevie Johnson—whose post-touchdown exploits we've featured before—found the end zone yesterday for the first time since Week 3, and gave Buffalo the lead in a wacky game very few people saw live. Unfortunately for Bills fans, they blew the lead in the fourth quarter and lost 35-34 to Tennessee, dropping Buffalo to… »10/22/12 9:00am10/22/12 9:00am

LeBron James Mimics Stevie Johnson Mimicking Plaxico Burress In Flag Football TD Celebration

LeBron James and Kevin Durant played flag football at the University of Akron last night for "LeBron's Flag Football Classic." There are plenty of highlights available on the YouTubes, if you're interested, but since we no longer have to pretend to entertain the question of LeBron playing football during the NBA… »12/01/11 10:35am12/01/11 10:35am

Stevie Johnson Beats Revis, Makes Touchdown Catch, Mocks Plax In TD Celebration

Stevie Johnson, who one presumes has yet to forget being forsaken by God, trolled the Jets hard after getting clearance from Darrelle Revis to catch a touchdown pass from Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick—first pantomiming a Plaxico Burress club self-shooting, then performing the airplane... that crashed. Buffalo & the Jets… »11/27/11 2:45pm11/27/11 2:45pm