"Ice The Motherfucker," The Guy From Good Times Screamed At Muhammad…

Earlier this week, an e-mail from John Kaye showed up in my inbox. I didn't know Kaye but soon learned that he'd written the 1980 film Where the Buffalo Roam, the ancestor to the Hunter S. Thompson movies of recent years. Kaye had just published a lengthy piece in the Los Angeles Review of Books entitled "Love, Boxing,… » 1/20/12 3:13pm 1/20/12 3:13pm

"The Fans Would Throw Little Tinfoils Of Hash At Me": A 1980 Interview…

The folks at The Golden Sombrero alerted us to this wonderful piece of baseball history: a 1980 High Times interview with pitcher Bill "Spaceman" Lee in which Lee holds forth on drugs, Bowie Kuhn, race, reincarnation, drugs, drug use, drug abuse, which drugs Expos fans threw to him in tribute, eating out Linda Ronstadt,… » 1/19/12 7:25pm 1/19/12 7:25pm

Grantland Republished David Foster Wallace's Epic 2006 Essay on Roger…

The late author's profile, written for the now-defunct Play, "constituted a dream pairing of writer and subject" that "still stands as one of the most stirring, illuminating essays ever written about the beauty of sport at its highest level," according to the Grantland introduction provided by Michael MacCambridge. » 9/09/11 2:45pm 9/09/11 2:45pm

Stories That Don’t Suck: SportsFeat's Guide To Sports Exile

Plaxico Burress is catching TDs for the Jets. The U may never play football again. Terrelle Pryor, who was ready to sit for a year, just finished his first NFL practice. With exiles starting, ending, and being averted, here are some great reads about players and coaches on the outs with the game that made them famous. » 8/28/11 11:30am 8/28/11 11:30am

Stories That Don't Suck: SportsFeat's Guide To Hoops In A Foreign Land

Every week, SportsFeat picks a few great reads for Deadspin. Thanks to Yao Ming's retirement and Deron Williams's Turkish tour, here are some classics on the foreign wanderings of professional basketball players. Enjoy. » 7/16/11 1:00pm 7/16/11 1:00pm

Stories That Don't Suck: SportsFeat's Guide To Wimbledon

A quick primer on SportsFeat: Every day, we post great sports writing from across the web, both new stuff and classics. A companion to Longform.org, the site is designed to be used with services like Instapaper and Read It Later, so you can read the stories later on your phone, iPad or Kindle. You can find our picks at … » 6/17/11 2:00pm 6/17/11 2:00pm

"We're On A Fucking Roll, Dude": The 1993 Profile Of Lenny Dykstra That…

Originally published as "Lips Gets Smacked" in the January 1993 issue of Philadelphia Magazine and later anthologized in The Best American Sports Writing 1994. Reprinted here with the author's permission and his addendum at bottom. » 5/16/11 4:00pm 5/16/11 4:00pm