Dumb People Upset Championship Sunday Is Pre-Empting Their Reruns

Among the great things NBC has done since acquiring the Premiership rights in the U.S. is to air all ten matches of the final day of the season on the broad spectrum of NBC Universal-owned networks. That includes Syfy, Esquire, Oxygen, Bravo, and other networks that are usually airing some kind of garbage on Sunday… »5/24/15 11:17am5/24/15 11:17am


"Is It Me Or Has ESPN Been Taken Over By Wetbacks?" Viewers React To Tonight's WBC ESPN Deportes Simulcast

MLB Network has exclusive U.S. rights to broadcast the World Baseball Classic, but those rights begin and end with the English language. Lacking compelling content for a slow Sunday night, ESPN elected to use its loophole in owning Spanish-language rights to simulcast its ESPN Deportes feed of tonight's Dominican… »3/10/13 8:46pm3/10/13 8:46pm

ESPN Urges Facebook Users To Celebrate Black History Month, With Predictable Results

We don't know why ESPN is posting a plea on Facebook for the celebration of Black History Month. Black History Month is, after all, nearly 75% over. (Maybe ESPN was consumed with celebrating Michael Jordan's birthday.) Also curious is ESPN's use of American sport's most notoriously racist franchise in the header… »2/21/13 2:30pm2/21/13 2:30pm

U.S. Swimming Star Allison Schmitt Brings Out The Worst In Stupid People

The Internet is full of idiots. You don't really need to be told this. But last night after the 4x100 medley relay, won Allison Schmitt helped deliver a new world record for with a 53.25 freestyle split, it seems the idiots decided to provide their input on the interview Schmitt provided alongside Missy Franklin,… »8/05/12 5:07pm8/05/12 5:07pm

"I HOPE U ALL FUCKIN DIE" And Other Reasoned, Measured Responses To The NCAA's Penn State Punishment

The NCAA's announcement of penalties against Penn State football brought forth strong reactions—including our own—but none more, say, fervent than from those on social media. Here, then, are the most angry, sometimes regrettable, and generally depressing reactions from those on Twitter and Facebook. Special thanks to… »7/23/12 9:50pm7/23/12 9:50pm