17 Sports Moments That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

It's been a rough week in the sports world for those of us who put faith in our fellow man and woman. From NASCAR drivers' alleged bigotry, to NFL execs wanting to know if Manti Te'o is gay, to a youth hockey coach being sentenced for tripping a little kid, it's tough to look at the sports world and see much good… »3/01/13 5:55pm3/01/13 5:55pm

Florida State Upset North Carolina, But What We Really Learned Is That Walk-Ons Are Expendable

When the clock hit zero at the end of Florida State's shocking 90-57 upset of #3 North Carolina, none of the Tar Heels' star players were on the floor. In fact, they were already in the locker room, as they'd been pulled out of the arena along with the rest of UNC's scholarship players—leaving five walkons to face… »1/14/12 5:24pm1/14/12 5:24pm