Villanova Upsets Third-Ranked Syracuse Because Syracuse Was Stupid

A Ryan Arcidiacono three-pointer with seconds remaining in regulation forced overtime in Philadelphia, an opportunity of which the Villanova Wildcats took advantage in shocking Syracuse with a 75-71 victory. » 1/26/13 1:51pm 1/26/13 1:51pm

Cincinnati Head Coach Butch Jones Iced Louisville's Kicker At The Exact…

The football coach's obsession with icing the opposing team's kicker before important field goals embodies the two primary dispositions innate to football coaches: performative micromanaging and ignoring statistics. Last night, Cincinnati's Butch Jones indulged those compulsions at the worst possible time. » 10/27/12 9:40am 10/27/12 9:40am

The Sabanization Of College Football Is A Total Bummer

Yesterday we lauded San Diego State's Rocky Long for potentially eschewing the kick (field goals or punts) in fourth-down situations, a strategic move that's become something of a totem in the advanced football stats discussion. Today, kind of the opposite: it seems college coaches are lining up to imitate the… » 8/14/12 6:10pm 8/14/12 6:10pm

The Rangers Should Probably Stop Intentionally Walking Albert Pujols

The Texas Rangers have walked Albert Pujols five times in the first six games of this World Series—all intentionally. Many of these walks are bad ideas! (And not just for the spiritual reasons elucidated of late by Josh Levin and Rob Neyer, among others.) » 10/28/11 7:15pm 10/28/11 7:15pm