Grantland's Jonah Lehrer Loves Intangibles So Much He Made A Whole Argument Out Of Them

Aren't sports statistics terrible? Of course they are. Sports has been overrun by number-nerds, and the number-nerds get angry if you point this out. So Jonah Lehrer, writing at Grantland about the pernicious influence of numerical analysis, makes sure not to bring up any actual examples of how numbers are misused.… »6/28/11 5:09pm6/28/11 5:09pm


David Brooks Recalls That Time When Athletes Weren't Impressed With Themselves, Which Was Never

"Joe DiMaggio didn't ostentatiously admire his own home runs, but now athletes routinely celebrate themselves as part of the self-branding process," writes Upmarket Jeff Foxworthy, who, in addressing the Tucson shootings, trains his surveyor symbols on our national immodesty. Any thoughts, Babe? »1/14/11 1:30pm1/14/11 1:30pm