"Eat A Whole Can Of Chewing Tobacco," And More Terrible Reader Dares

On Friday, we asked you to tell us about the craziest dare you ever accepted. You all came back with stories of eating things you shouldn’t have eaten, getting naked in places you shouldn’t have gotten naked, and doing various things you definitely shouldn’t have done—especially since in many cases, there was nothing… »9/28/15 3:57pm9/28/15 3:57pm


Teen Facing Discipline For Streaking HS Football Game Hangs Self

Christian Adamek was a 15-year-old " kind, quirky" and, by all accounts, well-liked kid at Sparkman high school (Alabama) who was arrested for streaking through his school's football game on September 27th. On October 2nd, reportedly facing school expulsion and criminal charges—including potentially having to register… »10/12/13 5:50pm10/12/13 5:50pm

BBC Tries its Damnedest Not To Show Streaker At Six Nations Match, Shows Streaker Anyway

The Beeb's a paragon of good taste and proper culture, which rather makes you wonder how the Six Nations rugby competition ends up on its esteemed airways. (Or this.) Yet there it is, and in today's match featuring France against Scotland in Edinburgh the BBC found itself face-to-face with a naked France supporter. »2/26/12 1:30pm2/26/12 1:30pm

Cheerleaders Show School Spirit Through Streaking

Please keep the following two things in mind before commenting on this post. 1) These are high school girls and 2) They're from Canada. That's not an excuse or an explanation for why they stripped down to their panties, duct taped their boobs, and streaked across a football field in the middle of a game, but it's just… »11/06/08 3:00pm11/06/08 3:00pm