Teen Facing Discipline For Streaking HS Football Game Hangs Self

Christian Adamek was a 15-year-old " kind, quirky" and, by all accounts, well-liked kid at Sparkman high school (Alabama) who was arrested for streaking through his school's football game on September 27th. On October 2nd, reportedly facing school expulsion and criminal charges—including potentially having to register… » 10/12/13 5:50pm 10/12/13 5:50pm

BBC Tries its Damnedest Not To Show Streaker At Six Nations Match,…

The Beeb's a paragon of good taste and proper culture, which rather makes you wonder how the Six Nations rugby competition ends up on its esteemed airways. (Or this.) Yet there it is, and in today's match featuring France against Scotland in Edinburgh the BBC found itself face-to-face with a naked France supporter. » 2/26/12 1:30pm 2/26/12 1:30pm

Streaking At The London Olympics Will Result In A $31,000 Fine

The harsh penalty is less about obscenity than the potential for free advertising on all that exposed flesh. "Olympic sponsors plough hundreds of millions of dollars into the quadrennial sporting extravaganza and organisers fear their investments being undermined." [NineMSN] » 10/13/11 5:05pm 10/13/11 5:05pm

Streaking Is All Fun And Games Until Someone Commits A Felony

Didn't Janet Jackson teach our nation's children that nudity at football games is anything but harmless? Now one high school student is facing criminal sexual conduct charges after his streaking across the field caused a near-riot. » 10/16/09 2:00am 10/16/09 2:00am

And Now Some Leftover St. Patrick's Day Rugby Coverage

We can learn a great deal from Britain's strict females-only streaking policy. We've covered the naughty bits in the photo, but the video below is slightly more revealing. Let's play some rugby! » 4/16/09 4:15pm 4/16/09 4:15pm

Cheerleaders Show School Spirit Through Streaking

Please keep the following two things in mind before commenting on this post. 1) These are high school girls and 2) They're from Canada. That's not an excuse or an explanation for why they stripped down to their panties, duct taped their boobs, and streaked across a football field in the middle of a game, but it's just… » 11/06/08 3:00pm 11/06/08 3:00pm

Let's See Dee Mirich Write A Poem About THIS

I've lived my entire adult life by one simple rule: Never go streaking at the horse races. The comparisons are not flattering, let me tell you. » 2/21/08 3:40pm 2/21/08 3:40pm

How To Make Golf More Fun

If you know anything about me, then you know that I have traditionally refused to do posts about streakers ... unless there is a humorous slogan written above their butt. This is a pretty good one (we also would have accepted "Captain's Choice"), and he also earns points for covering his genitals with a toy squirrel.… » 8/09/07 4:10pm 8/09/07 4:10pm

Look, Naked British People!

Just to be crude, and because we can't imagine you can look at Tiger Woods that much longer, we decided to toss out a little bon mot for you: A top 10 list of female streakers at British sporting events. (Link NSFW) » 10/11/06 3:45pm 10/11/06 3:45pm