With Their First Regulation Loss, Chicago Blackhawks Suddenly Suck

The Chicago Blackhawks were blown out on Friday, 6-2, the latest disappointment in a season full of … oh. Hmmm. It seems the Blackhawks had begun this season with an NHL-record streak of points, and that this loss dropped them all the way to 21-1-3. Their winning clip looks like an elite save percentage. In fact, no… » 3/09/13 7:42pm 3/09/13 7:42pm

The Braves Won Their First Monday Game In Nearly A Year

Looks like Garfield and Carl Crawford's heckler aren't the only ones who hate Mondays. The Braves had put together a mystifying, 0-16 streak in Monday games going back to last August. What's more, it hasn't been close: Atlanta only had three one-run losses over that span, all to the Marlins. » 7/31/12 9:55am 7/31/12 9:55am