The NFL's Scab Refs Will Work Week 1

Many are reporting that the scab refs we've all come to know and loathe during the preseason will be calling the shots on opening day. Get ready for more of that up there, some very angry football players, and a lot of attention on the totally stalled negotiations between the NFL and its usual referee corps. » 8/29/12 3:15pm 8/29/12 3:15pm

Last Night's Arena Football Season-Opener Was A Farce

Arena Football's 25th season kicked off last night, but it would be a stretch to call what was played in Orlando "football." A players' strike hours before kickoff meant both teams mostly used replacement players selected in a draft before the game, leaving NFL Network announcers without rosters and some players … » 3/10/12 12:14pm 3/10/12 12:14pm