"Go Back To Africa" Twitter Rumor Becomes Marcus Smart Story Canon

In the overnight hours after Marcus Smart shoved a fan in Lubbock at the end of Saturday's Oklahoma State-Texas Tech game, speculation ran wild about what might have provoked the Cowboys superstar guard to react in such a way. By morning, the narrative had been forged: Red Raiders superfan Jeff Orr told Smart to "go… » 2/09/14 12:25pm 2/09/14 12:25pm

15 Years Ago, I Wrote A Fan Letter To ESPN. Here's Who Wrote Back.

I don't remember now what was in my letter, which I'd addressed to the very nonspecific "SportsCenter anchors." I'm sure it was your standard fan mail—"I'm a big fan, I watch every morning, I want to be on ESPN one day." I don't think I asked for a reply, and I definitely didn't ask for signed headshots. » 12/28/11 12:20pm 12/28/11 12:20pm

Stuart Scott is Desperate to Avoid Any Photographic Evidence of Him…

Many ESPN personalities and other sports-reporter level famous individuals are paranoid about humiliating photos of them popping up on the internet. Thankfully, most of the recognizable faces at the WWL have made peace with the notion that, yes, if they are photographed gawking at Kendra Wilkinson » 10/08/08 1:15pm 10/08/08 1:15pm or leaving it's…

The Onion Breaks Some Interesting News About Stu Scott

There are many reasons as to why I shouldn't link to an Onion » 8/28/08 2:45pm 8/28/08 2:45pm article titled, "Stu Scott's Left Eye Moves To Fox", but the reasons why I should link to it somewhat outweigh them. I think. Not sure. But what harm could possibly come from linking to someone else's cruel satirical sports writing if it's not your own? It…

Stu Scott: Born On The Street And Hard As Hootie

Fresh off this year's Jimmy V Classic post-event celebration in Raleigh, N.C, Stu Scott and some other famous, not-so-famous and ubiquitous "celebrities" sauntered out into the night for a karaoke croon-fest like no other. Scott was the star, though, unleashing a set of pipes that show why he's destined for poetry… » 8/12/08 12:15pm 8/12/08 12:15pm

Stuart Scott Gets The Final Word

This month's GQ, "The Comedy Issue", features a slate of interesting articles about the state of comedy — the up-and-comers, the old guard, in an easy-to-read lay out, anchored by a Seth Rogen feature, which tells us all how the shlubby kid with the Jew-fro became the hottest property in Hollywood — and is end-to-end… » 7/17/08 1:15pm 7/17/08 1:15pm