Southern Wins By 104 Points. How Did This Basketball Sham Even Happen?

Southern University defeated Champion Baptist College last night in Baton Rouge by the pedestrian score of 116-12. It could have been worse; the Jaguars led the Tigers 44-0 until CBC made a free throw with 5:10 remaining in the first half. The entire thing was a farce, but according to the NCAA it's an official game;… » 12/31/13 9:15am 12/31/13 9:15am

A Conservative Estimate Says That The Average Indiana University…

People that want to preserve amateur athletics often say that student-athletes are compensated, contrary to appearances, because just about everyone on a top tier sports team is getting an education on an athletic scholarship (even the kids at Harvard, these days). If they get a free ride, isn't that enough? Not quite. » 3/23/13 3:08pm 3/23/13 3:08pm

Nike Gave Jabari Parker's High School Branded Apparel And That's OK

Grid, a weekly magazine in Chicago, noticed that the best public high schools for basketball in Chicago—a city where high school basketball gets foldout sections in newspapers and crowds pack the stands for big match-ups—wear a lot of Nike gear. Grid correctly assumed that most of those schools lack the budget… » 2/23/13 12:10pm 2/23/13 12:10pm

Here's UCF's Best Dance Teamer, Who Just So Happens To Be An…

It was so brief, we weren't sure we had seen it correctly, but reader Todd sent in the video: UCF's dance team seems to be organized around, if not led by, an extremely tall, enthusiastic and graceful male dance teamer. We like his style. We like his passion. We like his pom-poms, and the fact that he isn't afraid… » 12/22/12 10:30am 12/22/12 10:30am

Ohio State's Third-String Quarterback "Ain't Come To Play SCHOOL"

In fairness to Cardale—a well-regarded recruit who has yet to play a down as a freshman—there's plenty of evidence that courses designed for busy athletes are extremely annoying and essentially pointless. The tweet has since been deleted, so classes or not, Jones learned something today. » 10/05/12 10:50am 10/05/12 10:50am