Has Mitch Moreland Doomed His Newborn Son By Naming Him Crue?

Drew just went over this not even a couple of weeks ago, the seemingly growing epidemic of worsening baby names across the country. And now, much to our (read: his) chagrin, the newborn son of Mitch Moreland has become the latest poster child for this wave of unholy child-naming. » 7/25/12 8:48pm 7/25/12 8:48pm

American Baby Names Are Somehow Getting Even Worse

My wife has a subscription to Parents magazine, and the fun thing about Parents magazine is that every issue is virtually identical. Whether you pick up the June 2008 issue or the March 2012 issue, you're still getting all the same shit, including items like "567 fun knitting crafts to help stave off boredom!" and "Make a … » 7/13/12 2:04pm 7/13/12 2:04pm