Pulled Pork Smackdown: Subway Vs. Wendy's

During the first several decades of our glorious and persistent fast-food era, America’s low-end, high-speed restaurateurs relied almost exclusively on the cow for protein. And why not? Beef tastes good, and cows are huge, plentiful, and otherwise useless (except the cheese cows, those are cool). But while the… »10/05/15 2:16pm10/05/15 2:16pm


Fast-Food Guac-Off: Subway Versus Dunkin' Donuts

Sauces and adjectives are the coagulated lifeblood of fast-food “innovation,” because it’s relatively cheap and easy to spike ranch dressing with cayenne dust, refer to the resulting substance as Kickin’, and splort it onto a chicken patty. It’s a slimy move, but what do you expect them to do? Improve the underlying… »6/01/15 2:03pm6/01/15 2:03pm

Fast-Food Fight: Subway's Pulled Pork Vs. Wendy's Pretzel Bacon Burger

There are three main founts of greasy innovation whence spring the majority of new fast-food items. The bulk originate in the wide and shallow Same Shit, Different Condiments pool; they are joined by more ambitious offerings from the genres of Cynical Stunt Food and Honest-to-Ronald Attempts to Introduce Nice New… »7/18/14 2:54pm7/18/14 2:54pm

Flatizza Vs. Waffle Taco: A Fast-Food Smackdown For The Ages

Fast-food outlets are often criticized by the discount burgeratti for overstating the innovation of their "new" offerings, and for good reason. Every chain has been guilty of twisting an existing menu item two degrees toward novelty by using the same few tired tricks. Maybe they flop another protein patty onto a thing… »4/17/14 3:19pm4/17/14 3:19pm

Here, Have This Blake Griffin Subway Coupon That Expires Feb. 29

Fox Sports West, which broadcasts Clippers games, has a promotion deal with Subway. Any time Blake Griffin goes for a double-double, you can print out a coupon to get double the meat on your sandwiches the next day. Griffin sprung for 18 and 14 against Indiana last night, so it's Subway time. As thanks for reading… »3/01/13 5:45pm3/01/13 5:45pm

Here's A Horrifying Robert Griffin III Sculpture Made Out Of Subway Sandwiches

Griffin, the sure-to-be second pick in Thursday's draft, was announced last week as Subway's newest pitchman. He's in New York today, where he was greeted by a larger-than-life bust lovingly crafted out of barbecue chicken and various sandwich toppings. ("The hair Is peppers and the teeth are garlic.") »4/24/12 11:45am4/24/12 11:45am