NBA's 499th Best Player Has “499” Stitched Into His Shoes

More Kent Bazemore news! Last year, in ESPN's annual ranking of the 500 best players in the NBA, the Warriors' maestro of the bench celebration was ranked No. 499. During yesterday's summer league action, the always vigilant CJ Fogler noticed that Bazemore has the number 499 stitched into the tongue of his sneakers,… » 7/23/13 12:41pm 7/23/13 12:41pm

Hey Look, Kent Bazemore Is Also Good At Dunking

Warriors guard Kent Bazemore captured the hearts and minds of NBA fans everywhere when he became the league's preeminent bench-warming hype man during the Warriors' playoff run last season. It's hard to think about Steph Curry raining threes all over the Nuggets without also thinking about Bazemore, leaping out of… » 7/19/13 10:00am 7/19/13 10:00am

This Summer League Dunk Required Massive Balls

You may never hear the name Angelo Sharpless again, but for two seconds and an eternity on Youtube, he was The Man. He plays guard for DII Elizabeth City State University, and pulled off this massive throwdown at the Ben Wallace Pro-Am league in Richmond, Va. (Like all summer league dunk videos, it appears to have… » 7/18/12 5:10pm 7/18/12 5:10pm