Western Kentucky Is Going Dancing

Congratulations to the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, who in beating North Texas 74-70 won the Sun Belt Conference tournament and punched their ticket to the dance. This is the same WKU that lost to a team playing six players then fired its coach for it. [ESPN2] » 3/06/12 9:39pm 3/06/12 9:39pm

Four Tiny Tidbits On: The Sun Belt Conference

College football season is upon us, and to celebrate, we're going to get back into tiny tidbit mode and present four things you didn't know about each major conference. This is our final college preview before we start running down all of the Little League World Series finalists. Or, the NFL. One of those. Today: Theā€¦ » 8/16/06 2:30pm 8/16/06 2:30pm