Dolphins Offer To Pay For Majority Of Sun Life Stadium Upgrades

Just nine months after trying—and failing—to get nearly $400 million in taxpayer dollars to pay for renovations to Sun Life Stadium, word comes out of Miami that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is willing to pay for the majority of the upgrades himself. This should be remembered every time a team tries to hold its city or… »3/10/14 6:49pm3/10/14 6:49pm

Dolphins Can't Get Public Funding, So They Won't Fix Up Their Stadium

There will be no renovation for Sun Life Stadium, after the Florida legislature declined to vote on a bill that would have cleared the way for nearly $400 million in taxpayer money. But if a stadium upgrade is so important, couldn't the Dolphins just pay for it themselves? "We have no intention of investing more," … »5/06/13 1:01pm5/06/13 1:01pm

Miami Residents Will Vote On Whether To Publicly Finance The Dolphins' Stadium Renovations

The Dolphins, who own their own stadium, want $400 million worth of upgrades. And they want Miami-Dade County taxes to foot the bill for half. The excuses are familiar—we want to host Super Bowls, we could move to Los Angeles instead—but the battleground is unique. South Florida residents were burned by a sweetheart… »3/06/13 5:15pm3/06/13 5:15pm

Good News, Miami! There's More Stadium Work For You To Publicly Finance.

Miami has another outdated stadium that needs hundreds of millions of dollars worth of renovations. A politician instrumental in getting the Marlins taxpayer funding says the renovations are necessary. The Dolphins don't have the cash or the desire to pay for it. Guess who's left? Miami-Dade County residents, whose… »11/26/12 11:25am11/26/12 11:25am

Dolphins Fan Gets Brutally Knocked Out In The Sun Life Stadium Parking Lot (Video) (Updated)

The sucker punch that dropped a Dolphins fan in the parking lot after Sunday's game vs. the Eagles is so brutal that the meathead who threw it should do some time. The sound of head hitting parking lot is chilling. The louder sound of the initial contact may be worse. Hearkens back to the near-death Bryan Stow case.… »12/13/11 9:55pm12/13/11 9:55pm

NFL Dream Job: The Miami Dolphins Are Hiring An Experienced Cotton Candy Maker

Last month, the MLB announced it was accepting applications for what was billed as a "dream job," or, watching somewhere in the range of 2,400 baseball games and writing about it. It sounded... fun. But the NFL may trump it with this opening, for an "experienced" cotton candy maker at the Dolphins' Sun Life Stadium in… »3/09/11 2:15pm3/09/11 2:15pm