No One Showed Up To That Anti-Beyoncé Rally, Which Might've Been A Prank To Begin With

A whole bunch of Twitter eggs took offense with Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime performance of “Formation,” which used imagery inspired by the Black Panthers. It made excellent copy for the insatiable content mill which we all must feed—it’s good and healthy to make fun of stupid people—but it didn’t have staying power.…


St. Louis Lawyer Buys Super Bowl Ad To Tell Stan Kroenke To Get Fucked

I put out a call during last night’s Super Bowl local ad break for the best and worst of your local markets, and got replies ranging from axe-murderer Joe Jacoby to HVAC-shilling Mike Tyson to an ad in Omaha for a male enhancement doctor who will make your dong so powerful it will leave your partner disabled.


The First Person Peyton Manning Wanted To Kiss After Winning The Super Bowl Was Papa John

We noted last night that pretend-folksy pitchman Peyton Manning knows who butters his bread, but in case anyone missed it in the madness following Denver’s Super Bowl win we’ll highlight it here: while Cam Newton waited at midfield to offer what appeared to be gracious congratulations, Manning took time out to kiss…