McDonald's Is America's Most Cynical Corporation

McDonald's, the molded plastic king of America's molded plastic cuisine, has decided that money will no longer suffice to purchase its meager offerings; the company now demands that you degrade yourself in order to be fed. » 2/02/15 11:57am 2/02/15 11:57am

I Can't Stop Watching This Psycho Local Ad About Heroin

This advertisement is an attempt to warn viewers of the dangers of heroin, and it aired during the second local break of tonight's Super Bowl broadcast in St. Louis. The Drug War fails again; this ad makes me want heroin really bad right now. Anybody else? » 2/01/15 8:36pm 2/01/15 8:36pm

Game Of Thrones And Nutella Ads: How The Super Bowl Looked In Austria

We've barely withheld our admiration for Austria's love of the NFL, and official network PULS4 gave the Super Bowl its full attention on Sunday—complete with lengthy pre-game show, halftime analysis, and, yes, Super Bowl ads. Oh, and they updated that awesome Game of Thrones-themed intro for the game, too. » 2/05/14 3:40pm 2/05/14 3:40pm

Scientology Ran A Local Super Bowl Ad

It's the second year in a row the Church of Scientology purchased a Super Bowl spot, and again it ran only in certain urban markets, so there's a good chance you might have missed it. Maybe the curve has been sledgehammered by Jamie Casino, but it's...a little staid? Step it up, cultists. » 2/03/14 11:01am 2/03/14 11:01am

"Was That A Sasquatch?” The Misery Of Watching Canadian Super Bowl Ads

We're doing a season-long NFL roundtable with our friends at Slate. Check back here each week as a rotating cast of football watchers discusses the weekend's key plays, coaching decisions, and traumatic brain injuries. » 2/07/12 10:50am 2/07/12 10:50am

We Now Have The Will Ferrell Old Milwaukee Super Bowl Ad In HD, Along…

This bizarre TV spot for Old Milwaukee beer starring Will Ferrell aired in exactly one TV market last night during the Super Bowl's local ad block at the end of the first half. That market is North Platte, Nebraska, and it's the second-smallest TV market in the country, ranking 209th out of 210. There are 15,180 TV… » 2/06/12 5:34pm 2/06/12 5:34pm

Here's The Will Ferrell Old Milwaukee Super Bowl Ad That Only Aired In…

Will Ferrell's previously done Old Milwaukee ads local to the Davenport and Terre Haute markets, and tonight he apparently extended that to North Platte, Nebraska. (We believe that's the only market in which this spot aired; we know it didn't air during the local spot break in Omaha, and we don't have access to… » 2/05/12 11:51pm 2/05/12 11:51pm

They're Already Running "Congratulations Super Bowl Champion Patriots"…

Here's an ad for Dick's Sporting Goods informing viewers the availability of New England Patriots Super Bowl Champions gear. It ran one and a half times during today's local Comcast SportsNet broadcast of the Grizzlies-Celtics game (the second time through, it was cut off as somebody finally noticed it shouldn't… » 2/05/12 1:42pm 2/05/12 1:42pm

A Comprehensive Guide To That NFL Commercial With All The TV Characters

One of the best ads on last night's broadcast was for the NFL itself, in which they digitally inserted jerseys and logos into TV clips of yore. But the cuts were too quick to fully appreciate. Here's an annotated guide to the fake people inside your television, and their allegiances. » 2/07/11 3:40pm 2/07/11 3:40pm

Fox Will Make A Lot Of Ad Money Off The Super Bowl

Fox is charging up to $3 million for 30-second ads during Sunday's Super Bowl and between $100,000 and $2 million for spots before or after the game. Thus, CNBC's estimating the network should bring in more than $300 million. » 2/03/11 9:15pm 2/03/11 9:15pm

Why Do Super Bowl Commercials Stink?

There hasn't been a truly memorable or inventive Super Bowl Ad in many years? (Terry Tate, maybe? When was that?) There are several factors that have contributed to this decline in your entertainment value. » 2/01/09 5:00pm 2/01/09 5:00pm