It Took A Blackout To Show You How Truly Useless NFL Broadcasters Are.…

I avoided the pregame shows yesterday. This isn't unusual. I never watch pregame shows for the same reason YOU never watch pregame shows. I showed up at my friend's house just as they were getting ready for Alicia Keys to spend eight minutes doing a national anthem/"Fallin'"/Jazz odyssey medley. And that was fine by… » 2/04/13 11:30am 2/04/13 11:30am

Here's Your GIF Of The Moment The Lights Went Out At The Super Bowl

"The players have never been in a situation like this before..." as in the power going out, or the Super Bowl, or sober in New Orleans, or other? » 2/03/13 8:55pm 2/03/13 8:55pm