Welcome To Negro Bowl I!

As you might have heard from a media outlet or two, this is a historic Super Bowl because it features two African American head coaches for the first time. The odds are good that this might be a topic over the next 10 days. » 1/25/07 2:00pm 1/25/07 2:00pm

Taking Down The USA, One Touchdown At A Time

Every year, usually more than once a year (whenever there's a major sporting event), some soulless, dumb "research firm" tries to convince us that the office workers of America are somehow skirting their duties serving The Man by paying so much attention to something that might divert them from staring at a computer… » 1/25/07 12:15pm 1/25/07 12:15pm

Kind Of Looks Like Steve McMichael On A Bender

One of the things we love about the Bears? They have a theme song. It's pretty awesome that a professional sports team has a team song. And it's particularly awesome when it is sung by Bryan Griffin, of the Chicago Lyric Opera. » 1/24/07 3:15pm 1/24/07 3:15pm

Your Handy Super Bowl XXXXI Human Interest Guide: The Chicago Bears

The endless loop of Super Bowl XXXXI coverage is about to begin, and we like to consider ourselves the Mainstream Media's Little Helpers. We're about to all be deluged with a flood of human interest stories — we can use that metaphor because the Saints lost — so we thought we'd make it easier on all the desperate… » 1/24/07 12:45pm 1/24/07 12:45pm

The Beginning Of A Fun Reality Show

So here's a fun social experiment: Five Chicago Bears season ticket holders end up with their number called for two Super Bowl tickets. But they all have an equal claim on the tickets. How do they figure it out? the Chicago Tribune's RedEye filmed the negotiations. We're disappointed there were not fisticuffs… » 1/24/07 10:30am 1/24/07 10:30am

Tank Johnson Will Be Allowed To Violate O-Linemen's Probation

Well, the wheels of justice grind gloriously in the land of Chicago. Defensive lineman Tank Johnson — whose name is not Feelings Johnson for a reason — will be able to play in the Super Bowl. A Cook County judge just ruled less than an hour ago that Tank will be able to travel with the team to Miami. » 1/23/07 11:45am 1/23/07 11:45am