All The Deaths On Last Night's Game Of Thrones Finale, In Slow Motion

While HBO’s Game of Thrones may be leaving viewers wishing for death, several characters on last night’s season finale actually received such glorious release from the corporeal realm. Probably. So here’s everybody who died, we think, last night; since we love ruining things, we present all the Game of Thrones deaths… »6/15/15 5:20pm6/15/15 5:20pm

Tom Brady Talking About Balls: The Supercut

Our equipment guys do a great job of breaking the balls. To me they're perfect. I don't want anyone rubbing 'em. I wouldn't want anyone touching those. Whatever feels good that day... I'm not squeezing the balls. It's not part of my process. Breaking the balls. Some guys like old balls. I tell them how great they are. »1/22/15 5:28pm1/22/15 5:28pm

Warm Your Heart With A Supercut Of Kids Swearing In Movies

There's something disarming about a little kid swearing. It's shocking and delightful at the same time, even though it's not supposed to be encouraged. That's real life, though. This supercut of children cursing in movies, however, can be enjoyed without guilt. Embrace the profanity, especially "bunghole." »7/22/14 5:38pm7/22/14 5:38pm

All 100 Times Jeter's Name Was Mentioned On Fox—And All Zero Of Gwynn's

Lest you forget, Fox was sure to make you aware that this is Derek Jeter's final season in the majors. The Captain's name was spoken no fewer than 100 times on tonight's All-Star Game broadcast, but at what cost? That of remembering people like Tony Gwynn, Don Zimmer, or Bob Welch—none of whom were mentioned during… »7/16/14 12:56am7/16/14 12:56am

NBC Really Wanted You To Know Last Night's Pro Bowl Was About "Effort"

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made it clear the Pro Bowl wasn't long for this Earth unless selected players started showing competitive effort in the game. With broadcast rights to the televised cash cow at stake, it was important viewers get the impression what they were watching wasn't just a joke of an… »1/28/13 3:25pm1/28/13 3:25pm

Shitballs And Bucketloads Of Cunt: The Year In Cursing

George Carlin's been dead for four years, but that doesn't mean the scourge of cursing on television is beyond us. Indeed, it was a regrettable year for foul language of both the intentional and unintentional varieties. Here's a sample of what corrupted our children's ears in 2012, with links below to the context… »12/21/12 10:30am12/21/12 10:30am

Your Mesmerizing Video Of The Day: 50 Heaves From The Women's Shot Put Final

If you get all your Olympics coverage from NBC, you missed the fact women's shot put was held yesterday—it was, like so many other events, overlooked by the Peacock Network. While shot-putting scientist Jillian Camarena-Williams missed qualifying for the final by nine inches, the competition was intense with… »8/07/12 11:30am8/07/12 11:30am

Berman Got Back: Your Home Run Derby Supercut, Featuring Sir Mix-A-Lot

Perhaps on advisement from his superiors, the very popular Chris Berman was noticeably restrained during last night's Home Run Derby. In fact, his "backbackback" catchphrase found limited use; Berman only uttered "back" 79 times. That's still plenty enough for us to have fun with, and so here's Berman taking a stab… »7/10/12 2:50pm7/10/12 2:50pm