Ray Lewis Still Not Making Any Sense

Ray Lewis thinks it was a conspiracy that turned the lights off at the Superdome during the Super Bowl last year. Lewis revealed his theory during filming for America's Game, an NFL Films series that discusses the previous Super Bowl with a few members of the winning team. This year, they spoke with Lewis, John… » 8/31/13 4:49pm 8/31/13 4:49pm

Why Did The Superdome Power Go Out?

The lights went out, and they stayed out for 34 minutes. Colin Kaepernick had just been sacked, and the 49ers were down 22, and if momentum is a real thing, the blackout swung it firmly to San Francisco. Had the Niners come back to win, the power outage would've gone down in sports history as one of the great… » 2/04/13 12:40pm 2/04/13 12:40pm

The Lights Went Out In The Superdome

What a weird Super Bowl this has been. The Ravens are all over the 49ers, but it's been a handful of big plays rather than methodical domination so it almost feels like San Francisco is still in it. A fake field goal, a kickoff return, a 56-yard tumbling bomb of a touchdown, an exploding guitar and now the power is… » 2/03/13 8:54pm 2/03/13 8:54pm

Was This Former Saints Electrician The Source For ESPN's Wiretapping…

FOX8 in New Orleans claims to have identified ESPN's source for the Mickey Loomis wiretapping story, and if they're right, it wasn't anyone intimately connected with football operations. Instead, FOX8 (a station owned by Saints owner Tom Benson) claims it was Tim Landry, a sound and electrical worker who was fired by… » 4/27/12 11:40am 4/27/12 11:40am