Dock Ellis: Beyond LSD

Four years ago, Donnell Alexander interviewed the great Dock Ellis about, among other things, the no-hitter he once threw while on acid. That portion of the interview was turned into an animated short and became a cult object in its own right. Today, we present a second animated short, also featuring audio from… » 5/16/12 12:01pm 5/16/12 12:01pm

How I Threw My Hair-Perm Superfly Spitball, By Dock Ellis: A New…

» 5/16/12 12:00pm 5/16/12 12:00pm

The video above is "Superfly Spitball," an animated short that grew out of the same interview—conducted by Donnell Alexander and Neille Ilel—that gave us Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No. Animated by Heidi Perry and co-produced by Thor Swift, the short will appear in a forthcoming iBook, Beyond Ellis D. For much more, read » 5/16/12 12:00pm 5/16/12 12:00pm