Joe Maddon Calls In Medicine Man To Fix The Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays have the worst record in a professional sports league that includes the New York Mets, The Chicago Cubs, and the Houston Astros. Forget outside the box, they need to get as far away from it as humanly possible to think themselves out of this mess. Joe Maddon bringing in a Seminole medicine man is a… » 6/09/14 7:59pm 6/09/14 7:59pm

The Saints Are Eating Popeyes Again

The Saints always seem to get a little salty when naysayers bring up the performance disparity when they play on the road. Drew Brees bristled earlier this year after a loss to Seattle when it was suggested the team was basically a guaranteed loss on the road. He had stats ready to show how it was all contrived, but… » 1/04/14 6:04pm 1/04/14 6:04pm

Orioles Prospect Needs To Find A New Superstition Now That Hostess Has…

Orioles pitching prospect Kevin Gausman was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles, signed to a $4.23 million signing bonus and pitched 15 innings of professional baseball this year. Because baseball players are weirdos, Gausman must eat four powdered mini-doughnuts prior to each inning he pitches. Obviously he only eats… » 11/18/12 5:15pm 11/18/12 5:15pm

Jered Weaver Peed On Superstition During His No-Hitter

That baseball players are superstitious creatures is nothing new. Their behavior can be wonderfully strange, not least because of the utmost seriousness with which they approach whatever it is they do. And Angels pitcher Jered Weaver, who no-hit the Twins last night, proved to be no exception. At least until he… » 5/03/12 3:50pm 5/03/12 3:50pm