California's Endless Drought Cruelly Menaces Innocent Sushi Prices

Well, you finally did it, humans. You finally fucked up the ecosystem enough to imperil something that matters. No, not the millions of innocent human beings whose access to potable water is threatened by what appears more and more to be the end of rain- and snowfall in California. No. The sushi, dammit. The »9/17/14 11:49am9/17/14 11:49am


Sushi Coming to Texas High School Football; Buzz Bissinger Seriously Displeased

Stop laughing Missouri fans. Sushi is coming to Southlake Carroll—Heisman Trophy candidate Chase Daniel's high school. I'm told that's him, #4, celebrating his state championship. Predictably the decision is being met with marketing difficulties. "I always pitch it as healthier chicken nuggets," Dawson tells the… »8/15/08 1:30pm8/15/08 1:30pm