Kliff Kingsbury's Swaggy And Expensive-Looking Watch Is Probably Fake

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury, the man who has gone to great lengths to craft a "James Bond coaches football" image for himself, showed up at Big 12 media days sporting a very expensive-looking watch. People on Twitter were taken aback by the watch, a Breitling Mulliner Tourbillon model that retails for over… »7/21/14 6:50pm7/21/14 6:50pm


Video: Texas Tech Coach Kliff Kingsbury's Swag Cannot Be Contained

When we last checked in with the Texas Tech football program, we were giggling like school children at this farcical email, sent from a booster to the school's deputy athletic director. Recall: the email was all about how to craft new head coach Kliff Kingsbury's image into one that would vault him onto the… »3/29/13 10:40am3/29/13 10:40am

Trade You My Hair Dryer For Your HDTV: The Best And Worst Of The 2011 College Bowl Swag

SBJ has compiled a complete list of this year's college bowl swag, and the good people at ChatSports have grouped them according to swag worth. There are TVs and tablets and digital cameras and even a hair dryer, but there's only one clear steal here: that $15 Chick-fil-A gift card. That's, like, six chicken biscuits.… »12/07/11 1:55pm12/07/11 1:55pm