Swansea Give Up Second Hilaribad Goal Of The Week, Now To Max Power

Fresh off this embarrassing performance Monday, Swansea City keepers are continuing their reign of clearance terror today in the FA Cup. This time, it's Gerhard Tremmel who can't get the ball past League Two side Tranmere Rovers midfielder Max Power. Who coaches these keepers? » 1/03/15 12:02pm 1/03/15 12:02pm

Wayne Routledge Scores With A Beautiful Chest-High Volley

Mmmmm, this contorted, leaping volley from outside the box by Swansea City's Wayne Routledge is just delicious. How did he get his foot so high? » 8/30/14 11:32am 8/30/14 11:32am

Swansea City's Jonjo Shelvey Scores On Mid-Field Blast

In the first half at Liberty Stadium this morning, Swansea City's Jonjo Shelvey scored from just inside the center circle against Aston Villa. A misfired ball from Ron Vlaar wound up right in front of Shelvey as keeper Brad Guzan was trying to get back to the goal. Shelvey fired a rocket over the retreating Guzan's… » 4/26/14 11:10am 4/26/14 11:10am

Non-English Team Wins English Cup

Today, Welsh soccer club Swansea City beat down Bradford City 5-0 to take home the Football League Cup, a biggish, semi-relevant tournament held in England every year. » 2/24/13 2:20pm 2/24/13 2:20pm

Chelsea's Eden Hazard Kicks Ballboy, Is Sent Off From League Cup…

If you thought a League Two side making it to the League Cup final would be the weirdest thing to happen in the semifinals of the Capital One-sponsored English football competition, you'd be wrong. Chelsea, facing a 2-0 aggregate disadvantage on the road in Wales, later found themselves down a man as Belgian Eden… » 1/23/13 4:35pm 1/23/13 4:35pm

Wolverhampton Fans Taunt "Know-Nothing" Coach, Leave And Miss Team's…

When you're a football club in the English Premier League, you're not supposed to lose to teams freshly promoted from the minors. That's what the Wolverhampton Wolves with a 3-0 drubbing delivered by QPR in September. And that's what it looked like the Wolverhampton Wolves were about to do against Swansea City this… » 10/22/11 3:00pm 10/22/11 3:00pm

Swansea’s Ashley Williams Gives The Worst Back Pass Ever

Swansea City, or "The Welsh Barcelona" as nobody in their right mind calls them, have been doing rather well this season. Despite losing their second dapper manager in as many years after Paulo Sousa left for Leicester, they are currently second in the Championship and playing some proper tidy football. » 3/14/11 3:45pm 3/14/11 3:45pm