The Guy Who Says He Gave Ray Lewis Deer Antler Spray Held A Crazy Press Conference Today

Mitch Ross (he's the one in the middle up there), owner of the supplement company S.W.A.T.S. and the guy who squealed to Sports Illustrated about giving Ray Lewis deer antler spray, showed up in New Orleans to have an impromptu press conference with a collection of football writers. Among other things, he wanted… »2/01/13 4:10pm2/01/13 4:10pm

Ray Lewis Has Reportedly Used A Banned Substance For Years, But No One Cares Because It's Football

In the wake of baseball's latest PED scandal, the NFL has one of its own. Everyone try to look surprised. This week's issue of Sports Illustrated has a story on supplement company S.W.A.T.S. That stands for Sports with Alternatives to Steroids, the alternative apparently being non-steroidal banned drugs. »1/29/13 1:55pm1/29/13 1:55pm