Germany Kill Off Sweden With Sliding Circus Shot Goal

And thus the German machine charges on. Germany dominated Sweden for nearly the entire 90 minutes in the Round of 16, save a brief spell late on when, leading 3-0, Sweden threatened to make a game of it by scoring once and spurning a golden 1 v. 1 with the keeper. Nevertheless, Germany came right back to squelch any… »6/20/15 6:00pm

This Is Sweden's Last Best Chance At World Cup Glory

Sweden are good—very good—and have been for some time. They have qualified for each and every World Cup; they rumbled all the way to the final in 2007; in 2011, they made history by being the first and only team to ever beat the United States in a World Cup group stage match en route to a third-place finish. They’re… »6/05/15 1:19pm

Sweden Wins Eurovision: Watch The Winning Performance

Måns Zelmerlöw crushed the other 26 finalists in bringing this year’s Eurovision Song Contest trophy to Sweden with his performance of “Heroes.” Eurovision was especially blah this year, as the contest watched worldwide (except for the U.S.) featured plenty of songs that sounded like Celine Dion or Michael W. Smith… »5/23/15 8:59pm

This Is How You Get Away With Throwing A Ball Into Your Opponent's Face

That's Zlatan Ibrahimovic, playing for the Swedish national team and giving us all a master class in how to be a dickhead without getting caught. Oh hello, Mr. Referee. I would like to discuss that call with you in a civil and practical manner. What ball? Whose face? I don't know what you're talking about. Perfectly… »6/13/13 6:22pm