Escalator Speeds Up, Separates Feuding Soccer Hooligans

This is like the "Yakety Sax" shrimp video but with Swedish soccer hooligans instead of a crustacean. Following a match between rivals Malmö FF and Helsingborgs IF that ended in a 3-0 Malmö win, fans of both teams got a little rowdy on their way into the subway. The place also happened to be lousy with cops ready to… »9/28/13 12:30pm9/28/13 12:30pm


After Hooligan Runs On Pitch And Punches Goalie, Hooligan's Parents Worry About Vigilante Justice

Ever since their 18-year-old son stormed the pitch during a Malmö and Helsingborg match Tuesday because he was "pissed off" enough to attack goalkeeper Pär Hansson, a pair of Swedish parents have fielded quite a few threats. So, they wrote an open letter to the local paper. Their message? »5/26/11 11:15pm5/26/11 11:15pm