Professional Soccer Team Somehow Fails To Score On 5 vs. 1

Down 0-1 in stoppage time yesterday in a Swiss Super League match against Young Boys, FC Vaduz sent nearly everybody forward in attack. When that attacked was repelled, it left Vaduz facing what you see in the thumbnail above: an unprecedented five on one for Young Boys. But with a wealth of profitable options in… » 4/04/15 3:37pm 4/04/15 3:37pm

Wild Animal Bites Soccer Player Mid-Match

Can animals be idiots? Or maybe we can call Zurich's Loris Benito an idiot for trying to capture the marten—which Wikipedia informs is a wolverine/badger-like animal that feeds on squirrels, rabbits, mice and human digits apparently—during a Swiss Super League match with FC Thun today. He was able to catch him, but… » 3/10/13 5:15pm 3/10/13 5:15pm