The Immigrant Sport: What Ping-Pong Means In America

I am standing in a gaggle of table tennis players in a dark bar in Grand Rapids, Mich., on the Fourth of July. Before us, another table tennis player named Donald Hayes is playing Millipede. Donald and the others are all competing in the U.S. Open, the biggest ping-pong tournament in America, but right now that is of… »10/09/14 12:30pm10/09/14 12:30pm

Paralympian Dives With Crutch To Make Amazing Table Tennis Shot

England's David Wetherill was born with multiple epiphyseal dysplasia, an extremely rare genetic disorder that restricts the growth of his bones. Just 23 years old, he's much shorter than average, lacks a full range of motion in his limbs (he can barely bend his legs, and requires crutches to walk), and suffers… »9/04/12 9:40am9/04/12 9:40am

Can You Guess What This "Nondescript Warehouse Sandwiched Between A Strip Mall And A Trailer Park" Has To Do With Olympic Athletes?

If you guessed that it was a training center for top-notch American table tennis players, then you are correct and congratulations for not thinking "drugs." The New York Times reported that this warehouse—the India Community Center Table Tennis Center—is a hotspot for Olympic talent and has trained three out of the… »6/22/12 6:50pm6/22/12 6:50pm

Stoner Video Of The Day: Table Tennis Legend Marty Reisman Pings The Pong In Trippy Slo-Mo

You don't even even need to get high to trip out on this. The dashing older gent in the fedora and shades is 82-year-old Marty Reisman, a New York ping pong shark/legend/champ from the old school and what every idiot hipster in Brooklyn aspires to be but NEVER EVER WILL EVEN FUCKING COME CLOSE to being. Want to know… »3/22/12 5:50pm3/22/12 5:50pm

Table Tennis Needs More Fans; Solution: Women Should Dress Sexier

If only this was the answer to every world problem. Famine? Women should dress sexier. War? Women should dress sexier. You see where I'm going here. That's because I'm following the lead of Claude Bergeret—the Gandhi of ping pong. Bergeret is head of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). And he wants the… »8/19/08 5:30pm8/19/08 5:30pm