Tony And Jessica Think That Journey Totally Rocks

It wasn't all fun and wetness at the American Century Championship golf tournament at Lake Tahoe this weekend. Tony Romo and a very orange Jessica Simpson spent some quality time at the Journey/Heart/Cheap Trick concert at Harveys outdoor arena on Saturday night. Here they are arriving for the festivities, where both… »7/15/08 11:00am7/15/08 11:00am

Charles Barkley Knows Not Of These 'Blogs' You Speak Of

So I was mocked repeatedly for my "interview" with Charles Barkley on Thursday, when I introduced myself and told him that I would be blogging his rounds all weekend. Yes, it somewhat resembled Chris Farley interviewing Paul McCartney. But I'll have you know that from that brief exchange came the catchphrase of the… »7/14/08 2:20pm7/14/08 2:20pm

The Biggest Attractions In Tahoe Were Not Necessarily Golfers

It's true: Tony Romo did fall into a pond at the American Century Championship. And was rescued by a hockey player. But practically no one noticed, as Jessica Simpson was rocking the white dress with the orange whoozits and wowing the crowd with her intellectual prowess. Typical exchange: "Jessica! Can I have your… »7/14/08 12:30pm7/14/08 12:30pm

Charles Barkley Reluctantly Puts Me In His Fave Five

When NBC Sports asked if I'd blog portions of this year's American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament, of course I said yes. At what other event would I get a chance to interview FOUR participants of Dancing With the Stars? But gradually more details emerged, and I was not amused. The shocking truth: They… »7/11/08 12:00pm7/11/08 12:00pm