Saturday's Iron Bowl Gets The Wacko Taiwanese Animation Treatment

The Taiwanese studio Next Media Animation, which will animate pretty much anything nowadays, have offered their calculatingly bizarre take on this weekend's Auburn-Alabama rivalry game. Come for the players attacking a giant panda, stay for the Toomer's Corner oaks being destroyed (again) by urine and nuclear waste. »11/29/13 2:50pm11/29/13 2:50pm


The Delayed Start Of The NBA Season Gets The Taiwanese Animation Treatment

In Taiwanese animators's perception of the current NBA lockout, commissioner David Stern wields a chainsaw, cries when the Detroit Pistons flat-line in a hospital bed, guards Derek Fisher and gay marries Time Warner Cable. Also, LeBron James wears a lil-boy crown and gets shattered-backboard dunked on in Taiwan. »10/12/11 9:00pm10/12/11 9:00pm