Too Moneyball For Their Own Good: How The Mets Screwed Up The Kazmir…

The Angels released Scott Kazmir on Wednesday, and we had seen it coming for years. Hitters clobbered Kazmir in 2009, 2010, and, in his one 2011 start. He lost his control and velocity simultaneously, and stopped striking hitters out. » 6/17/11 10:45am 6/17/11 10:45am

The Devil In Tampa: Remembering The Penny-Pinching, Snack-Policing,…

In his new book, author Jonah Keri covers the rise of the Tampa Bay Rays under the stewardship of two Goldman Sachs alums and a private equity banker, who in 2008 managed to do to the rest of the American League what some of their former colleagues were doing to the U.S. economy. Before their arrival, however, there… » 3/09/11 12:00pm 3/09/11 12:00pm

World Series Preview: Rays Vs. Phillies

The World Series is truly my favorite week of the year. Having the World Series going on is an excuse that gets you out of anything, every year. No matter what plans I might be forced into, all I have to say is, "Hey, the World Series is on," and people understand. You know how Will gets about his baseball ... » 10/22/08 12:00pm 10/22/08 12:00pm :…

ALCS Preview: Rays Vs. Red Sox

It is perhaps a clear indication that I drink a bit more than I should that, when I saw that the Rays and the Red Sox had both clinched on the same night, I thought, "Whew, good. Now one team won't be more hungover than the other one in Game 1." Hey, sometimes these things matter. I have to speak on a lunch panel the… » 10/08/08 11:59am 10/08/08 11:59am

ALDS Preview: Rays Vs. White Sox

The Tampa Bay Rays are in the playoffs. Let it roll off your tongue. Toss it around. Swish it a bit. Look at the sentence closer. It might be a palindrome. The Tampa Bay Rays Are In The Playoffs. Everything's freaking NUTS, people. Series Schedule » 10/01/08 2:34pm 10/01/08 2:34pm : Thursday, October 2, 2:30 p.m. Chicago (Vazquez) at Tampa Bay…

Baseball Season Preview: Tampa Bay Devil Rays

For the third consecutive season, we are proud to introduce the Deadspin Baseball Season Previews. Yes, baseball is awfully close now; it's spring training, after all. » 2/18/08 2:20pm 2/18/08 2:20pm

The Rays Want You To Walk The Plank

In case you haven't seen it yet, right there's the blueprint for the new Tampa Bay Devil Rays stadium. It's a $450 million pirate ship. And, of course, the team currently has no plan to pay for it. Pretty, though ... we guess. » 11/29/07 1:35pm 11/29/07 1:35pm

Kevin Costner Gets To Pretend He Plays Baseball Again

With their whole name change — no more evil Rays! — Tampa Bay is unveiling their new uniforms next month. And they're bringing out the big guns for the experience. » 10/19/07 1:35pm 10/19/07 1:35pm

Pitching Coach Fails In Escape From Tropicana Field

This man is Jim Hickey, the pitching coach for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. As you'd expect, life as the pitching coach of the Devil Rays — sorry: Tampa Bay Rays — is not easy. It's enough to drive a man to drink. » 10/02/07 12:35pm 10/02/07 12:35pm

The D-Rays Have Funk

In another of their amusing attempts to garner some positive publicity, the Devil Rays hosted '70s Disco Night at the Trop on Saturday. Of all the wacky scoreboard pictures, this one, and of course Delmon Young's, are our favorites. » 8/21/07 12:35pm 8/21/07 12:35pm

Barry In Tampa ... What Might Have Been

As we continue our plodding march toward "history," a march that has taken so long that we can't even keep up our outrage anymore, we consider what might have been. » 7/31/07 4:00pm 7/31/07 4:00pm

Elijah Dukes' Divorce Proceedings, Shockingly, Are Getting Nasty

As you probably might expect, the wife of "troubled" Devil Rays outfielder Elijah Dukes is filing for divorce. (This tends to happen when you send your wife's cell phones photos of guns.) She has come up with some not-really-all-that-surprising accusations. » 7/17/07 10:40am 7/17/07 10:40am

Elijah Dukes Is On The Air

We hope you weren't trying to get through to WDAE Radio on Tuesday, as various members of the Dukes family had the phone lines jammed pretty much all day. We hate when that happens. Tuesday was Fun Day for Ron Diaz and Ian Beckles over at the Ft. Lauderdale station, as an agitated Elijah Dukes called in from Phoenix … » 6/20/07 10:00am 6/20/07 10:00am

Elijah Dukes Continues To Bat 1.000

If you're a social worker who is considering a foster care applicaton, how could you not approve the couple who is related to Elijah Dukes? A 17-year-old girl who is in foster care with a relative of Dukes told the Tampa police that Dukes got her pregnant. The article goes on to say that Dukes will not be charged with… » 6/13/07 11:00am 6/13/07 11:00am

Elijah Dukes Is Not Subtle About Voice Mail

Tampa Bay Devil Rays outfielder Elijah Dukes is off to a splendid start this year, and just watching him play, you can tell he has superstar potential. Hell ... he could very well be the next Brett Myers! » 5/23/07 12:00pm 5/23/07 12:00pm

Whatever Brings The Fans In From All The Great Weather

We appreciate that the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, lacking that whole "fanbase" thing, are trying unconventional ways to rile up some local support. But no mascot, not even Raymond, should ever have to wear this outfit. » 5/17/07 5:00pm 5/17/07 5:00pm

Your AL East "Preview"

All right, whether you're ready for it or not, baseball is starting Sunday night. (The Mets will watch the Cardinals raise their World Series title flag. The Cardinals won the World Series last year.) The full slate of games kick off Monday, so we figured it was time to start previewing some divisions. Three today,… » 3/29/07 12:45pm 3/29/07 12:45pm